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Planned Journey Or, let it be impromptu

Planned Journey? Or, let it be impromptu

It’s time to break the slump. Allow yourself a “much-needed travel break” and learn why you should travel. Live without a calendar, hitch rides while traveling, and keep an itinerary to share when your trip is over! The time has come to embrace your wild side. You’ve probably felt trapped in your life at times and wondered how to get out of it. You could have the perfect job, earn a fortune, and still be unhappy. This is why you need to travel: to clear your mind and discover the true you!

What is impromptu travel?

Impromptu travel is all about doing things on the spur of the moment. Let’s say you decide right now that you’re going to the airport, a bus station, or a train station to buy a ticket to wherever your heart desires. You may set out on that journey but not always arrive at your destination. You will face many blind situations, with many options, one of which will be to return home but do not be alarmed. Believe in your intuition; it will be your best friend in difficult situations.

It’s difficult to plan spontaneous travel. It is not intended for the easily frightened or paranoid. Rains, no-vacancy, a lack of entertaining things, cashless ATMs, and, most importantly, a bad mood to deal with it can all be thrown at you without warning. In a travel decision, one shouldn’t be double-minded, which could lead to time waste, missing out on good stuff, and can create problems for the person you are traveling with. Instead, be open-minded and choose your options wisely based on the location reviews, food & history culture.  Your only weapon is your willingness to accept and enjoy whatever is thrown at you. The good news is that assistance is always available.  

When you look back on your life, your quick and unexpected decisions have become your core memories. Such as skipping the last period to get Ice Pops from the local store with friends, or, riding your bike an extra mile to a different location. Impromptu’s, contrary to popular belief, are the necessary breaks your brain tells you to take in order to embrace yourself.

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