Being an optimistic and vision oriented Indian entrepreneur, my mission is to mark a strong identity of mine in this world within 2050.

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CSR Activities

CSR Activities

Each and every business of Mohammed Aslam  is a kind of Social Responsibility. We are building a relationship like a family and serving them accordingly.

For philanthropy Mohammed Aslam always believes in empowering people his activities are primarily focussed on helping people to stand on their own and in future be able to and have the will to replicate what he was able to do for others.


In his own words ‘Nothing gratifies a person more than being able to help his fellow beings “

In his hometown he has selected a set of students in the ages 6-12 years Here he is just guiding them for education, develop their skills, have a vision of their world  and finding their niche till they become independent and ready for the career and life.


At RAG Travels his CSR is into a unique concept which is already into a powerful community of people who are able to help others. As coming to GCC and finding a job is a sure bet for a family to grow and be independent .His venture helps in meeting the expenses related to travel, accommodation food & visa expenses of people on job hunt here the only concept is someday when this candidate finds his dream job and is independent he tries to help others in a similar module.