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Students and Society

Students and Society

Students serve as links between two generations. For this comprehension, the right education with the right involvement in the happening is essential, and the education system should ensure that pupils are equipped for a better understanding rather than labeling education as elementary, secondary, or higher education. Set a good example for your young child, and he will ensure that he meets your future expectations.

What are the responsibilities of students?

Students’ primary occupation is studying. However, because they are young and energetic, they can engage in numerous sorts of social activities in their leisure time and during times of crisis. For example, when Kerala floods first hit in August 2019, many students went out of their way to assist numerous people. Planting trees is another notable initiative.  The students are supporting tree protection awareness programs and the importance of planting trees for future generations rather than felling trees. 

• Students should assume the lead role in rural literacy efforts. Because many children in rural areas do not attend school because they are impoverished, but they are unaware of the different government programs designed to educate those youngsters.

• Students can also provide free classes to disadvantaged children in their communities or organize a campaign to visit various rural locations.

• They can organize the establishment of a library in their areas to inspire others to read. It also aids many people in expanding their expertise.

• They can create groups and aid the underprivileged by donating food that would otherwise go to waste at large weddings, canteens, and hotels.

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