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Self-doubt & Entrepreneurship

Self-doubt & Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you will always have some level of doubt. The odds are stacked against you, and if you are even remotely rational, you will recognise this. The point is whether or not you confront it, and how you do so. The first step in dealing with self-doubt is to recognise it. We often become complacent in our businesses as a result of self-doubt. A little self-doubt is healthy because it keeps hubris at bay, but when it becomes excessive, it undermines one’s self-confidence and negatively impacts focus and productivity.

Finding your passion, developing a competitive advantage, working hard, and building momentum are all ways to “overcome,” or rather, overpower, doubt.

I always deal with this by first listening to what my mind tells me about what I need to do in the current situation.

Business self-confidence is similar to self-confidence in other areas of life. On your best days, you may even feel euphoric, and on your worst days, you will feel abysmal. Communication is essential for forging strong bonds with oneself, as well as with one’s colleagues and clients. It makes no difference how brilliant or capable you are if you have negative self-talk. When talking to or about yourself, use positive and uplifting language.

Determine the opportunity cost. Ask yourself if you’re on the right track and what the next small step is to get there. Remind yourself why you began.

You can’t afford to be doubtful for long; you need to move forward with your plans, and doubt is one of the most powerful show stoppers available. If you find yourself getting stuck and having difficulty making decisions, work on that aspect of yourself first because it is important in business and many other aspects of life.

 I hope that eventually you will accept that this is still a decision you make. And you can take that and apply it to a more rational decision rather than leaving it to chance. Finally, whatever helps you progress is the way to go.

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