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You become what you think

Keep an eye on yourself; you become what you think

Keep an eye on yourself; you become what you think

“Whatever you think that you will be if you think yourself weak, weak you will be; if you think yourself strong, you will be”

― Swami Vivekananda

“Whatever you think, you will be…” this quote is unbelievably true to its core. Here is a simple example to help you understand this well.  Many of you have seen the story of The Lion King. Let us look into Simbas’ thought patterns; an evil uncle dupes Simba, the protagonist, into believing he murdered his father. Simba succumbs, and his mind is filled with guilt because, in his mind, he is a murderer. Later in the film, he meets Timon and Pumbaa, two characters with a positive attitude, as illustrated by the Hakuna Matata song. When Simba meets them, he transforms from a lion to a mammal that eats worms instead of hunting. So, until he meets Nala, Simba’s emotions are heavily influenced by his surroundings. Nala teaches him about himself, and his focus eventually shifts to restoring his tribe, which he does. He has realised his true self by the end of the film, and his mind is stronger than ever.

When we are angry, we either look for reasons to be angry or look for ways to stay calm. So we also change our environment in the hopes that it will bring about the necessary change in our thinking. We buy things to give ourselves a temporary boost of materialistic happiness. We go on vacation to get away from our issues. People look for substances that will numb their minds and cause them to forget. If your thinking is going towards the wrong path, it will be hard to get back on track to the better side of thinking.

When you are sad, it is easy to stay sad. It is easy to spot a red car when you are constantly thinking of one. It is easy to spot an opportunity when you are constantly thinking about it. What I’m trying to get you to consider is, how your thoughts influence your actions. So, think about what you want and how you can solve a problem. Write it down, few people benefit from writing. Self-orient yourself regularly to better understand your own thinking.

You will be making decisions that will have an impact on others. Therefore, keep an eye on what you are thinking.

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