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Is the Next Gen inspired to lead the way

Is the Next Gen inspired to lead the way?

What sparked the next generation’s interest?  When I came across this topic, I had an epiphany: what had inspired me when I was younger? The motivation was the desire to live a healthier and more fulfilling life than I was living at that time; the desire to outperform oneself. Now, as the head of primary industry, and as a father, I wonder what the next generation can be inspired by.

Is it the wealth that can be obtained through minimalistic work, or is it conserving the earth and reducing the effects of global warming? Our values and morals live on in many of us, they are carried on to the next generation.  But where does the inspiration begin for them? It all starts with an opportunity; most children need the chance to begin their journey. We, as adults, bear the sole responsibility of creating such opportunities or fostering their revelation.

Those children will be our future leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents, shaping the world of tomorrow. We don’t need any more mindless robots… We require visionary leaders who can inspire children as young as five years old. The next generation is developing a genuine sense of entrepreneurship and leadership patterns that are more focused on the future than on the present.

Are we inspiring them?

Before school, a child learns from their parents and the environment. Your simple words determine whether their morale improves or deteriorates. We fail our children by not spending time teaching them what we have learned. We trust schools to teach them things that only experience can teach… and we have that experience. 

As a father, I believe it is critical to instill in future generations the courage to act on their visions and ideas in order to better themselves, each other, the community, and the planet. And, in order to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in our kids, we must first serve as their mentors and listeners. Obstacles will arise, and no one is perfect, but the thought of it matters more than you realize.

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