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Consistency is the bridge to goals

Consistency is the bridge to goals

When you have a goal, you must take action to achieve it, and the best way to do so is to develop habits that will help you achieve that goal. By breaking and forming new habits, you can design and create your life. Habits are behavioural actions that are consistently repeated.

Whatever goal you or anyone else has for the future, staying in the same mental, physical, emotional, and intellectual shape is not possible! We never come close to achieving our goals when we set them. 

But we know that we have to act in a certain way and do certain things in order to achieve our goals, and that is only possible if we transform ourselves into that person.

You struggle with consistency because you are focused on the outcome rather than the process. Here’s an example of how I feel when I’m trudging through the Dip. I get up at 5:30 a.m. I sit down at my computer for the day’s work after a few minutes of prayer and meditation. Thirty minutes later, the page is still blank because I can’t decide where to begin. I start surfing the web, looking for anything that might spark an idea or inspire me. Another thirty minutes have passed. I’m still surfing the web. And I haven’t done anything.

This happened to me a lot at the start of my blogging career. Now, instead of waiting for inspiration (or searching for it on the internet), I just write. Now, I’m more concerned with developing a daily writing routine than with word count. Sometimes it’s 100 words, sometimes 300 words, and sometimes 1000 words. Some days, I write complete gibberish.

This is not to say that the outcome is unimportant, but if we become fixated on it, no matter how compelling, it will work against us. Why? Because any outcome that excites you is likely to be the result of a long period of hard work and sacrifice. Commit to the process you’ve identified for achieving your goals, regardless of how you’re feeling on any given day. Begin with smaller goals, such as waking up 5-10 minutes earlier each day and committing to getting out of bed regardless of how you feel.

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