Being an optimistic and vision oriented Indian entrepreneur, my mission is to mark a strong identity of mine in this world within 2050.

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Define yourself for the future

Many people are born in a second or a day. Will all of these upcoming individuals be able to discover what they are seeking among the stress and delight of life?

I feel that everyone’s life mission is unique. This goal isn’t just about having a decent career or having a lot of money; it’s about enjoying what you do and deciding to live the way you desire. A farmer, for example, relishes the process of cultivating crops, from planting seeds to reaping the product. What are the limits of the farmer and seedlings? Poor soil, bugs, weeds, and no water; despite these obstacles, the farmer works hard to develop the seed into a magnificent plant. The farmer aims to enable the seedling to mature, and the purpose of the seedling is to fruit the farmer and us. Hence, we must continually look beyond our constraints and seek to rise above them.

What are your limitations? Don't restrict yourself based on your present limits.

In life, you will encounter more obstacles or trials in the future, but to confront them, you must first move beyond your current boundaries. We all can think for ourselves when we enter this planet, but our surroundings limit our ability to do so. We stray from these and try to live in a way that isn’t rewarding, losing sight of our purpose in the process.



We are late bloomers when it comes to recognizing our potential. When comparing nations, it’s easy to see how cultural and socioeconomic variables differ, which has an impact on the next generation’s growth potential. Some youngsters learn to think in terms of future growth and adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur. Others, on the other hand, do not begin to think for themselves until they are “adults”. Many individuals only begin to understand their potential when they are thirty or forty years old. Only when tomorrow’s youngsters initiate to think for themselves optimistically will they be able to discover their life’s purpose. This is not dreaming, it’s reality, and anybody who can overcome their limits may realize their ambitions and fulfill their life’s purpose. Age is never the limit for what you seek and what you want to do.

You may have thought about your retirement plans. Isn’t it wonderful to have lengthy vacation where all you do is spend time with your family till the end? Will it be satisfying? It sounds soothing, but will it be enough? Staying active is the finest decision you can make since it will motivate you to live another 100 years. Doing what you enjoy and repeating those activities will make you intellectually and physically stronger.This will be your natural purpose in life which you won’t even notice.  Thus a retirement plan will seem like a waste of time. Again this concept can vary for many because we all are humans.




Mohammed Aslam

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