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Set Deadline On Dream

Every New Year, a majority of the younger generation set goals for themselves. After a few months, they begin to repent having not met them. How to overcome this? Dream should have a deadline; hence our ideal will become a goal. 

When we set a deadline, we can determine whether it is attainable, what our present capabilities are, and what items need to be added to complete the work within the time frame. If not attainable then, it is not a goal. It means that you have dreams that do not match your deep intellectual thoughts. For example, I wish that my dream to be a rock star was true, even though this can be real, but does it match me? Can my potential be rightly directed towards this? No, I am an entrepreneur from the heart and that is what I do!

People have a lot of dreams, but for those dreams to come true, they must set a timeline and take procedures to meet that goal.

Nothing can stop you from pursuing a goal that you have a strong, burning desire for when it is a dream. It is critical to aim high; you will most certainly face setbacks along the road. If it’s a desire that you have been emotionally invested in, it is worth the work you can keep going for no matter what.


How to go about it?



Daydream! It all starts with you imagining yourself achieving something in the future. Assume you’re travelling between regions or enjoying a cup of coffee at your own home. Everything begins with a glimmer of optimism in your imagination.

Start thinking critically; now that you’ve begun picturing it, try critical thinking and emotionally monitor your objectives whenever feasible. Consider this: if you’re enjoying coffee at home, how will you get to that home in reality? It is always beneficial to question and answer oneself.

Begin small. Plan your day ahead of time by spending 20 or 30 minutes thinking about what you need to achieve for the day and write it down like a To-Do list. Utilize this time to arrange your day, complete your duties and work methodically. By the end of the day, evaluate your achievements. Reflecting on your activities might help you improve for the next day.

What did you do to stay on track with your objectives and resolutions, and what came in your way? You will be able to notice patterns of your negative and positive activities. Try following, this can be a major step for you towards your dream goal.



Mohammed Aslam

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