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Child Labour – A Re-thinking

It is with a bit of guilt and at the same time a sense of responsibility that I’m here to pen a few words on a grave concern for which we all might be unknowingly responsible. More than about 160 million children are being involved in child labor around the world–an increase of 8.4 million in four years, according to the UN and the International Labour Organization (ILO), which is quite alarming.

From the above figures it is clear that the pandemic has created a zone of vulnerability for the children to engage in jobs. This might be to support their family meet their livelihood expenses, clear their liabilities etc. but it has multiple negative impacts on their future and the economy as well. In addition to missing out their innocent childhood they would not have access to proper education and skill development to be ready for the new world.

Child labor is not just about forcing children to work. Its side effects are quite large and gruesome. Lack of proper food leads to malnutrition, and vulnerability to diseases. The sense of responsibility at a young age adversely affects their innocence, which is their uniqueness.

Children are the promises of any country, nurturing them responsibly is our commitment. Access to education, nutritious food and a peaceful childhood should be the birthright of every child.

To conclude, what would be interesting to convey is that I and my business team will work to ensure their rights that help them to survive in this world peacefully and have a memorable childhood, and above all, to bring up their talents to the fullest.

Mohammed Aslam

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