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Can your strategic partnership last?

For small business owners to multinational business executives, a partnership is a step for their business strategies to grow. Forming the right partnership entails more than just mutual benefits; a mutual understanding must be established for long-term togetherness.

Firstly, no partnership is easy, nor do they always work out. The main goal is to build a connection while satisfying the objectives and missions of each institution engaged, it is vital to vet out the potential partner as much as possible during the discovery process.

When communicating with a potential partner, it is critical to understand their outlook on the future. A foundation will naturally form when ideas and goals sync. Following the signing of the contract, the objectives and goals that will be relevant should be discussed.

The type of partnership you have agreed upon is also included in the contract (Joint, reseller, general, limited et cetera). Both parties must ensure and communicate (promptly) that their products and/or services work in tandem. Finally, a client should be confident in both companies’ commitment to their joint solution.

The primary influencers in the business are your supporters or senior executives, and they must be on board with the partnership idea. They must be well connected to their counterparts and regularly communicate the overall alliance goals. The final and most crucial aspect is compensation. Will salespeople, partner managers, and executives be compensated financially if the relationship succeeds? Each side will have to decide who will be rewarded and how they will be compensated. It is better to have a third party in this process. 

Because partnership is a live process that takes time to mature, don’t expect everything to fall into place on the first day. The most successful collaborations can take weeks, months, or even years to reach their full potential. A great collaboration is worth the effort, even if it takes time. Remember, you’re pairing for a reason: you’re better together than you are alone. Make the most of it, expand it, and create new business prospects. Your business partner will undoubtedly back you up and stick by you through thick and thin.

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