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Why is it difficult to break a habit

Why is it difficult to break a habit?

I’ve tried a variety of methods to break down my bad behaviors. However, none of the typical ideas and methods resulted in long-term success for me. We will attempt anything to break our negative behaviors. And we naively believe everyone who offers us advice on the subject. “Replace a bad habit with a good one,” is the most prevalent piece of advice.

Habits can form as a result of repetition. They are a regular part of life and are frequently beneficial. Habits can also form when positive or joyful events activate the brain’s “reward” centers. Overeating, smoking, drug or alcohol misuse, gambling, and even excessive use of computers and social media can all result from this.

The first step is to recognize that beginning a new routine is not the same as breaking an established habit. There are several ways to utilize based on the behavior you want to change. 

For example, developing a habit necessitates the encoding of a new set of automatic actions, whereas breaking a habit necessitates a distinct set of processes. The brain develops causal linkages between the triggers that cause action and the resulting consequence.

 If you want to get into the habit of taking a vitamin every day, for example, position the tablets in the path of your typical routine—say, next to your toothbrush—so you remember to take it each morning before brushing. Doing so on a daily basis serves as a reminder until, over time, the activity becomes second nature.

Why not give this a try?

Break the chain of bad habits

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