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Music, motivator and a therapist

Music fills the infinite between two souls- Rabindranath Tagore


A quote that made a strong impression on me, music has always been a silent but powerful mental push. This applies not only to me but too far too many others, especially those who are constantly stressed and unable to cope.

Music comes in different genres that explain the emotion of people, either individually or in mass. As known, everyone has their musical preferences, which range from classics to indie rock, hip hop, and metal and many more. Because of our unique perspectives, the music we enjoy is different.  Depending on the mood or situation, music will be available to complement the environment. One such setting is when two people with similar tastes get together and listen to their favourites, it’s a special feeling.

Music inspires us.

I hope you’re getting a sense of the music here. Apart from food, music is an important mood enhancer. Music is a great way to distract you from physical and mental stress. Our brain focuses on the music rather than how tired we are, allowing us to unwind. Music can calm our minds, which will aid our ability to concentrate later. Thus it helps us to recharge and fuel our body and mind. Resulted, we are motivated.

Motivation is the push we need to live a healthier lifestyle, especially when music helps us lift that extra kilo at the gym. Your self-esteem will rise and you can give your best without a doubt. So it’s no surprise that music, relaxation, and motivation are all intertwined. Finally, one can say that music is a motivator, a confidence builder, and a therapist on bad days.


Mohammed Aslam

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